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22 January, 2011 / Karl Maier

Why write a blog on culture and teams?

Why should I spend my time writing a blog on values, goals, culture and teams?  There is no shortage of ways for one to spend their time, but I am convinced that achieving important results come through teams.  Teams (also called tribes in some books) make great things happen when the culture supports true teamwork.

I have seen true sustained teamwork a few times in my life, primarily on sports teams.  This blog is a way to both clarify my own thinking and also to engage others with a similar perspective in a conversation about the topic.  I do not presume any unique knowledge in writing this blog, so I will borrow liberally from others to pull together the tools to help myself as well as others in business, sports, volunteer work, and family activities.  After all, business and life are about the execution of plans and strategies much more than they are about the plans and strategies themselves.  So this blog will discuss strategies and tactics that, with a bit of luck, could lead to successes greater than anyone expects.


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