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29 January, 2011 / Karl Maier

Did the Soccer Team Reach Stage Four Culture?

SoccerQuite a few years ago I played soccer in a men’s league.  Our team came together one season in a way it had never done before.  At the time, many of us sensed it was different but no one articulated the change.  The team had a very good season as well.

Did we reach stage four?  Maybe.  We had a group with a lot of common backgrounds and thus similar values.  In some ways perhaps we crossed into stage four for a period of time.  The values were not articulated clearly, but were somehow part of decisions like who we brought onto the team and what behavior in practice was acceptable.  We did have some goals of winning games and having fun together, but not a clear noble goal to bring us together.  In the end, we were probably just on the edge of a stage four dominant culture.


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