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15 February, 2011 / Karl Maier

Hiring is Easy, Hiring is Hard, Hiring is Easy

Hiring is Easy: Hiring someone to take a job is not that difficult.  There are tons of applications for every position posted on Monster or other websites.  All of these people want a job and most applicants will accept one that is offered.

Hiring is Hard: Of course, the challenge is finding the applicant that is awesome for the job, not the one who will accept any job offered.  What should the hiring decision be based upon? Has the candidate done the same job in a similar company? What is their personality? What certifications do they have? How good are they in the interview? What do their references say? How often have they changed jobs? Where did they go to school?  The question is how to prioritize these many factors.  Each person involved in the process may have a different answer.  In the end the decision usually comes down to gut feel and hope for the best.  Not a process that inspires confidence, particularly for such an important decision.

Hiring is Easy: In a company that has clearly defined values, an interview is much more likely determine if the candidate shares these core values.  Shared values are critical to a solid long term relationship.  Multiple interviewers may be required to confirm these values are real not just thrown out to get the job.  However, the process can be much more focused on one issue and not just a series of chat sessions.  Once  a candidate is found with values and attitudes that match the culture of the team, then the process gets much easier.  Hiring needs to be respected as a critical team building task, but having an agreed on way to judge a candidate makes the whole process much more likely to succeed.



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