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22 February, 2011 / Karl Maier

Building a Vision

“To grasp and hold a vision, that is the very essence of successful leadership”
Ronald Reagan, Moscow, May 31, 1988

There are two basic ways to create a vision:

  • Build it yourself and then go out and see who you can get to join your cause.
  • Build it with your team so key players are on the same page.

The “Build it yourself” approach tends to be evangelical in nature with a sort of “I have seen the light! Come join with me!” approach. I imagine Steve Jobs working this way.  It seems to have worked well for Jobs and many others as well.

The other approach is more inclusive.  Include your team in the process, ask key team members to write their vision, compare notes, re-draft and discuss the vision and write a vision statement that your team can support.

Pick the method that fits your personality and your situation, but create a vision, a noble goal, if you are going to lead.


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