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14 March, 2011 / Karl Maier

Sports, Volunteer and For-Profit Culture

Is culture just for one type of organization? Do baseball and soccer teams have culture? Sure they do!Team Growth Teams will have values such as attending games or how they play the game.  Ever see a team that is “dirty”?  What about a team that takes the rules very seriously?

What about volunteer groups, not-for-profits, and clubs?  The culture of these groups is a big deal.  Considering that these kinds of groups do not pay the people who do much of the work, the volunteers better enjoy it and feel comfortable! The goals of the group are often noble in nature, like helping kids or sick people.

What can for-profit companies learn from these groups?  Perhaps these same way that goals and values are important to other organizations can be translated into the work environment of a company to build a tribe that has more in common than a paycheck.


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