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15 March, 2011 / Karl Maier

Culture of World Domination

Mongol MovieThe movie, Mongol, is a narrative of the early like of Genghis Khan who came to rule the largest (based on land mass) empire in history.  The movie actually describes the culture that Genghis Khan used to come to power and rule his empire.  While he was not a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, the culture he developed was quite enlightened for its time.  For example, he divided 90% the spoils among the warriors and the families of the dead instead of taking nearly everything for himself as other Khans of the time did.

In the movie, Temüjin (young Genghis Khan) sets out a towering goal for Mongols to aspire to: One day everyone will understand our language.  This goal was certainly part of the success of the Mongol culture and empire.

Temüjin also decided that Mongols need laws.  So he set out a simple set of laws to guide his followers.  Ghengis Khan’s core values are a follows:

  • Never betray a chief,
  • Don’t kill women or children,
  • Don’t forget your debts,
  • Fight enemies to the end, and
  • Never betray your Khan.

Temüjin was clearly a tough person, having endured amazing hardships as a youth and young man.  He certainly was a strong military leader and strategist.  However, he never would have built an empire spanning China, Russia, India, the Middle East and parts of Europe without a strong culture.


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