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16 March, 2011 / Karl Maier

Not Giving the Customer What they Want

Traditional wisdom tells us that the customer is always right.  But is giving the customer what they want really the best course of action?Saying no to the customer

Not always.  In the case of a specialized technical field outside the customer’s field, can the customer really judge their needs? What if the customer asks for a service level of 20% when they really need a solution that is at least 80% to deal with the risks at hand?  If you provide the 20% solution and the service fails, then have you really served the client?

What if you tell the client they need 80%, but they insist on 20%?  If you decline to provide the 20% solution, then you are more likely to get the call when the 20% solution breaks.  It is not easy saying no to any sale, but selling the wrong thing can only hurt your growth and reputation in the end.

Have you ever experienced this situation with a customer?


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