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17 March, 2011 / Karl Maier

The Power of Tiny Teams

Triad - Group of ThreeThe smallest a team can be is two people.  In tennis, two players are partners.  In business two people starting a business are called partners.

The next step up is three people.  I like the term triad for this size group.  I borrow this word from the Tribal Leadership book.

The dynamic changes significantly as a team moves from a partnership to a triad.  If partners are frustrated with an aspect of the group they have to either directly confront their partner, go outside the group, or internalize the stress.  Members of a triad have another option.  They can discuss the issue within the group without directly confronting the person who is the point of frustration at that moment.  There can be more creative discussion with less sense of conflict in a triad as well.

Triads can overlap with other triads to form more relationships. Each connection helps build communication and a stronger tribe.

Can you see a way triads could help develop your team?


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  1. jaredwinn / Mar 17 2011 11:29 am

    Nice Blog, Keep it up.

    Jared Winn

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