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About Karl Maier

Karl has experience as a Chief Financial Office (CFO) supporting growth and profits in privately held companies.  Privately held companies typically need a wide range of skill sets but are limited in the number of positions, thus requiring people to wear many hats.

A summary of tasks and results Karl has achieved is outlined below.

  • Financial Management:
    • Lead negotiations on multi-million dollar, multi-year international service contracts.
    • Reposition key product to create a 150% increase in operating margin.
    • Close unprofitable branches to improve profits 50%.
    • Refine commercial terms on contracts for international operations resulting in over 20% additional revenue.
    • Negotiate Real Estate contracts for single tenant office and warehouse leases.
  • Finance:
    • Identify and obtain multi-million dollar working capital funding for international projects to support 100%+ annual growth.
    • Prepared valuation reports on over 50 companies to support over $50 million of dollars of debt and equity transactions.
    • Identify and evaluate acquisition targets resulting in a $40 million purchase of a private company (Buy-side M&A).
    • Market privately held businesses to strategic and financial buyers including marketing materials, pricing and contacting target buyers (Sell-side M&A).
    • Raise equity capital to accelerate company growth.
  • Information Systems (IT) and Reporting:
    • Prepare high quality presentations for board of director meetings leading to millions of dollars of profitable strategic decisions.
    • Select and implement an ERP (accounting plus) system resulting in 35% fewer staff positions.
    • Build complex projection spreadsheets to prototype formal systems, saving $100,000 in programming cost.
    • Write over 100,000 lines of computer programs for the web including complex SQL queries, web forms, charts and reports.
    • Educate team members on financial issues and enable profitable growth for the organization.
  • Growth Management:
    • Evaluate business and legal issues related to corporate new entities in developing countries such as Chad and Papua New Guinea.
    • Evaluate tax implications of entity selection resulting in savings of millions of dollars.
    • Build a culture to create effective teamwork.
    • CFO for companies funded by customers, family and friends.
    • Several roles with angel funded growth companies.

Industry Experience:

  • International Services
  • Healthcare
  • Software
  • Oilfield Services / International Distribution
  • Finance and Investment Banking

Karl is passionate about being part of a team with a value-based culture and a powerful goal to grow the company, achieve profits and serve customers.

To contact Karl, leave a reply in the form below or through LinkedIn.

Karl Maier's LinkedIn Profile
Karl Maier’s Profile


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